Sports Rentals

<p style=”padding-bottom: 15px;” class=”default-p”>The Powerade Centre offers a number of different rental opportunities to the GTA, including:</p><p>&nbsp;</p><!–mep-nl–><ul></ul><ul><!–mep-nl–><li>4 NHL sized ice rinks (200′ x 85′)</li><!–mep-nl–><li>5 baseball diamonds</li><!–mep-nl–><li>3 cricket pitches</li><!–mep-nl–></ul><p style=”padding-bottom: 15px;” class=”default-p”>The Powerade Centre offers <em>the best ice in the GTA</em>. Ice rentals are available on a one-time or contract basis.<br /><br />The Powerade Centre is home to True North Hockey League, Brampton Oldtimers Hockey League, Carnevale Hockey League and many more, making it the ideal venue for all levels of hockey and skating programs.<br /><br />Please contact <a href=””><strong>Suzy Garden</strong></a> at <strong>(905) 459-9340 ext. 111</strong> regarding ice rentals<br /><br />The Powerade Centre offers <strong>5 baseball diamonds with lights</strong> and a patio that is the ideal for baseball tournaments of any size, as well as <strong>3 cricket pitches</strong> and a small covered area perfect for tournament headquarters.<br /><br />Please contact <a href=””><strong>Jessica Pearcey</strong></a> at <strong>(905) 459-9340 ext. 112 </strong> regarding baseball and cricket rentals.</p>